Wulai’s Yun Hsien amusement park

wulai waterfall 4

Wulai is a small town located about 25 kilometres from Taipei that is famous for its hot springs and the towns Atayal people, the indigenous people that live in the area. After a soak in the hot springs people venture to Wulai’s waterfall that drops from 80 metres high. Continue reading “Wulai’s Yun Hsien amusement park”

Hot spring experience in Wulai near Taipei

wulai 3

Pause Landis hot spring

Hot Springs play a very important part in our holidays, having a Japanese wife and having lived in Japan for the last fifteen years, the soothing hot water makes you want to experience it in other countries which are rich in volcanic soil perfect for forming hot Springs. Continue reading “Hot spring experience in Wulai near Taipei”