Five food you should eat in Busan


The best thing about travelling in Busan are not the attractions, not the people even though they are very friendly and animated but the food. You could say that really about any place in Korea and I wouldn’t argue but the food and the eating experience in Busan is very good and interesting from eating in the streets of Seomyeon, to eating fresh Hoe which is sashimi in Korea in the beachside restaurants that overlook Gwangli beach and the twinkling illuminated Gwangdan bridge. We’ll tell you about these eating experiences as well as three others. Continue reading “Five food you should eat in Busan”


Haedong Yonggungsa, the sea temple of Busan


Temples throughout Korea can be similar in fact they can be very difficult to tell apart. You may even be able to say in South Korea if you have seen one temple you have seen them all. Temples are usually located high on a mountain or in cities but Haedong Yonggunsa, the number one sightseeing spot in Busan is different starting from the location being built on the seaside of the East Sea. Continue reading “Haedong Yonggungsa, the sea temple of Busan”

Gamcheon Cultural village is no Machu Picchu



The  pastel colored buildings, cut into the hillside formed the colourful town of Gamcheon known as the Machu Picchu of South Korea as both places were built on hills but that is where the comparisons should stop as one was a striving rich Mayan civilization while the other was the poor escaping from the port side area of Busan during the Korean War they fled settling in the area of Gamcheon. Continue reading “Gamcheon Cultural village is no Machu Picchu”

Jagalchi Fish Market, the largest in South Korea


Busan located on the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula is home to Jagalchi fish market, the largest in the country. The market a short walk from Jalgachi station is lined with stalls selling any fish or creature imaginable or nearly unimaginable fish living under the sea. Continue reading “Jagalchi Fish Market, the largest in South Korea”

Haeundae Beach in Winter


Busan the second biggest city in South Korea is known more as a Summer destination where people can relax or swim at the city beaches that are spreadout along the coastal city.

In our last post I wrote the article Why travel is no longer a priority the night before we were actually about to leave for Busan but really I think I was apprehensive in going to Busan in the middle of Winter as I had previously been to Seoul many years ago where the bitter coldness left me freezing and not wanting to return to Korea. Continue reading “Haeundae Beach in Winter”