Hollywood for families

j Depp

Hollywood is synonymous with the rich and famous, the king of film and television has gone through a lot since the glitz and glamour of its hey day. You may no  longer be able to see anyone remotely famous except perhaps at a movie premiere, the night of the Academy awards or someone being presented a star on the walk of fame .

That shouldn’t stop you from spending a day with the family in Hollywood. Children and parents as well, will love the kitsch of the city of dreams.

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Madame Tussaud’s where the wax comes to life in Los Angeles


I moved my hands through her soft silky hair down the length of her back until I came to her curvaceous ass where my hands rested. I moved my hips, dancing to Bootylicious for you baby. A short African American man with a wry smile, looks at me before blurting out “what are you doing man”  “Come on, it’s Beyonce” I reply before giving him a high five. Continue reading “Madame Tussaud’s where the wax comes to life in Los Angeles”