A feast for royalty at Ancient Hue, Vietnam


It was a difficult decision to be in Hue for New Years the city was much bigger than we had originally thought but still there weren’t any fireworks or bands playing in an outside venue.  The local Vietnamese all gather with their family and friends in a park fenced off on a lawned area along the Perfume River however not knowing any locals we decided to do something a little touristy but we are so glad we did as we decided to have a feast for a king.

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Touring Hue’s tombs and citadel


To be honest we weren’t going to go to Hue. Our original plan had been to visit Hoi Han for a few days, relax on the river front and check out the old town. Unfortunately Hitomi couldn’t find a hotel over the Christmas/New Year period over the Internet. We began searching for a smaller town to escape the hectic pace of a major city like we had just experienced in Ho Chi Minh.
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Mystical Water Puppet Show in Hue, Vietnam


 picture taken by Jepoirrier

While we were in Ho Chi Minh we had tried to get tickets to the water puppet show that is famous throughout Vietnam however we couldn’t manage to get tickets so when we were in Hue and we heard that they had the puppet show then we booked through our concierge to watch that night.

We were so glad that we did as we were the only foreigners in the audience unlike if we had gone in Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi. In Hue we were amongst the locals as the Vietnamese chatted amongst themselves as they waited for the forty minute performance to start. The water puppetry dating as far back as the 11th century originally started in the Red Delta the area consisting of eight provinces and the municipality of Hanoi. When the rice fields would flood, the  villagers would entertain each other with the puppets.
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