Getting our bag snatched in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Ha Bai Trung  street stretches for two kilometres through the heart of the city, past shopping malls, high-rise office buildings through to the historical centre of the city past the war museum and Reunification Palace. We decided to get out of the taxi at the end of the street and walk back towards town.

It was quieter here, the shops  set up for locals  as exquisite colourful Ao Dai, local traditional dresses hang in the window capturing our attention. We walked along slowly as we didn’t have to fight with motorbikes over space for the footpath like you have to in the heart of town. Cafés, restaurants, Coffee shops  were spotted along the streets we stopped at a cafe decked out in a colonial building for a quick bite to eat, stomach content we wandered off down the street. Traffic built up motorbikes streamed by, cars sputted along. An array of smells drifted through the air that we had never smelt before. This was Ho Chi Minh, an assault on our sensories.

By now we were only a couple of blocks from the old centre, walking along the street out front of a petrol station, casually chatting away about how to approach crossing the upcoming intersection when from behind a motorbike crept up behind us,  we were oblivious to what was to happen.

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How to cross the street in Ho Chi Minh City


Crossing the road is supposed to be easy, isn’t it? When you were a child your mother would have first taught you to look right ,look left then look right again before crossing but basically you can throw that out the window when it comes to crossing the street in Ho Chi Minh City.
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We All Travel Together’s guide to Ho Chi Minh city

notre dame church

photo taken by Eustaquio Santimann

It is hard to imagine that Vietnam had been engulfed in war for over a century first fighting with the French when it was colonized in the mid 19th Century then to be occupied by the Japanese during World War II to then having to fight the French once more when the Vietnamese were wanting independence. America stepped in to try to prevent communism. Vietnam was finally at peace from April 1975 when two tankers rolled into town and crashed through the gates of what is now called Reunification Palace to end the war.

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