We All Travel Together’s favourite travel video bloggers

When you are not at work, not with your friends hanging out, not travelling how do you fill your time at home? I don’t watch much TV however I do watch a lot of travel video blogs on You Tube. Damm you, You Tube.

Yes, it’s addictive, getting your travel fix through other people until it is your time to hit the road. You get to know what days, what times your favourite bloggers post there videos. You look forward to your night knowing that a new video will be posted.

I’ve never understood reality TV until watching these travel bloggers, to me watching these bloggers is equivalent to someone getting their weekly fix of The Kardashians but only these bloggers are far more interesting.

These are our five favourite travel video bloggers

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When travel is no longer a big priority in life

It’s now December 29th, a day before we go to Busan the second biggest city in South Korea where we will be staying for five days. The day before is always a day that is filled with excitement, butterflies churn in my stomach but as I lie on the bed typing this post something seems to be missing. The butterflies just aren’t there, the excitement isn’t there either actually I’ve felt like that nearly all this year and that has probably been the reason that posts have been few and far this year. Continue reading “When travel is no longer a big priority in life”

The ins and outs of We All Travel Together in 2014

Wow, how quickly does the year go by. I can’t believe 2015 is upon us already. It feels like I was just writing this similar post a couple of months ago, but already a year has come and gone.

In 2014 We All Travel Together posted 38 posts for a grand total of 88 posts. Hopefully in 2015 we can improve on this as we would like to post on a more regular basis in 2015.

This year we had over 6000 thousand hits to the website, not a large number by any means but we will be happy to bring up our 10000th hit in 2015.

We All Travel Together would like to thank you for the support and wish you all the best for 2015. We would like to share the ins and outs of 2014  with you. We start with the most read posts. Continue reading “The ins and outs of We All Travel Together in 2014”

Leaning Tower of Pisa is not the only tower that leans

To be honest we had no intentions on visiting Pisa while we were in Italy, we heard that there was the tower, the cathedral and very little else to see in the town. After spending an amazing two days exploring the five villages that make up Cinque Terre we were moving to the Renaissance city of Florence when we noticed  that we needed to change trains in Pisa. With the unexpected turn of events, we thought it would give us the perfect opportunity to tick off the Leaning Tower of Pisa on places that we have been.  Over the two weeks in Italy we found that the Leaning Tower of Pisa is not the only leaning tower in the world, let alone in Italy.

The leaning Tower of Pisa

The world’s most famous leaning tower, Pisa is located about an hour from Florence making it very easy to do on a half day or day trip from the city. We managed to stop in on our way to Florence which we recommend because there are some amazing villages, cities and wineries in Tuscany.

The creamy white  marble tower looks like an eight tiered wedding cake that’s flopped to the left. The tower took nearly 200 years to construct, standing 55 metres high, unfortunately by the time the third tier was built the tower had already started to lean due to it being built in sandy soil. The tower has survived war, elements and restoration schemes. The tower was closed from 1990 to 2010 to stabilize the building.

People take photos pretending to hold up or push the tower down. Some climb over 300 stairs to reach the top but to be honest we did neither, we sat on the lawn admiring the tower, thinking this small town of Pisa has done an amazing job at marketing one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world.

Would we make a special trip to Pisa just to see the tower, we would have to say, no


Towers of Asinelli and Garisenda, Bologna

Bologna is one of those cities that goes under the radar with international tourists but Italians find it one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The reason we were here was to try the food that is famous in the city from tagliatelle al ragu (bolognaise sauce), lasagne to Bolliti Misto coming to Bologna just for the food is worth the trip. Little did we know that we would find not one but two leaning towers.

The leaning towers of Asinelli the tallest of the two and Garisenda take up prime land near the Bologna Cathedral. The towers were built in the 12th century and have tilted because they weren’t built on a solid foundation. The smallest tower is closed to the public but you can still clamber up the 498 steps in the confine space of the Asinelli tower.

As you climb you can actually feel the incline of the stairs inside the towers, the view of blazing reds and crimson orange of the terracotta tiles of the roofs makes the climb all worth it. This climb is not for people who are claustrophobic


San Martino Church

Burano island, near Venice is well known for its kaleidoscope of  colours of its buildings from the different shades of blues, greens, reds and oranges. The picturesque fishing village is also known for its lace.

In the background of the town known as the drunk tower by locals is the bell tower of the San Martino church built in the 15th century.

These are three of the towers that we saw that lean in Italy but there are a few more.


We were also surprised to see that this tower leans

Big Ben

Big Ben the clock tower of the palace of Westminster has began to lean. First noticed in 2011, the leaning Tower of London has a lean of .26 angle degree, rather small in scale compared to the other towers mentioned, the lean has already cracked the walls of the House of Commons

The tower having been built in 1858 has had a lot built underneath it including an underground line, car park and sewers which may have led to the destabilization of the ground to cause the lean.


It’s now cool to have a lean like this building featured below

Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi, UAE

In 2010, Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi built to lean 18 degrees westward, was named by Guinness Book of Records as the world’s furtherest leaning tower.The tower is a 35 floor skyscraper


Have you been to any of these towers or other leaning towers of the world? We would love to hear about them


The ins and outs of We All Travel Together in 2013

It’s hard to imagine that 2014 is already upon us. Each year seems to go faster and already  We All Travel Together has been in existence for nearly  six months, launched back in August last year. Since launching we have written 49 posts, this being our 50th post. A small milestone in its own right,  hopefully we will reach many more milestones in the future. Over the course of the six months our readership has continued to grow and recently we just brought up our 3200th hit.  We All Travel Together would like to thank you for the support and wish you all the best for 2014. We would like to share with you the Ins and Outs of the first six months of We All Travel Together.  We start with the most read posts.

The most read posts on We All Travel Together

The interview series that we have been conducting have proven to be successful being the three most read posts on We All Travel Together. These three people are an inspirational to all travellers and can prove that anybody can travel. I would personally like to thank Sarah B Klingseid , Sonoko Nakaya and Lauro Serra-Polancos for participating. The next post to be read the most is Escape to Lamma Island,Hong Kong. This post has been moving up the charts recently with a website linking to the post that covers Lamma Island.  Escape to Lamma Island  was written about escaping the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong to find Lamma Island where people live an alternative lifestyle. Readers  also found the Observation series on Japan and Australia to be popular as they followed one another in the most read column. In general writing about Japan proved to be a hit with the Food you should eat in Osaka, Japan’s distinctive four seasons and Going to a Japan Baseball game featured predominately .

Posts with the most comments

The most read posts  were also the posts that featured highly with the most comments except for one which was quite a surprise. Verona, The Shakespeare experience post was only in the middle to lower range in the read column but a few comments were left. The post is about visiting Juliet’s house only to be swept along by gimmicky and tacky attractions which I called the Shakespeare experience.

The least read posts

The least read posts are not really a surprise here because they were from a group of posts that were released in the first couple of weeks from the launch of the website when there weren’t many readers following the site but if you happened to miss some of them it might be a chance to catch up with them now. Here is a list of a few of the posts ,Madamme Tussaud’s where the wax comes to life in Los Angeles, Petrona Towers always the centre of attention, Cruising Venice’s canal, MichaelAngelo’s David verses Goliath.

The post that caught me by surprise

Bas coffee plantation, where you can find the world’s most expensive coffee. This post didn’t quite make the list in the most read posts,  barely falling short but put simply the post is about coffee I would have thought that other topics in Bali would have captured the attention of the readers. Was it that we all love coffee? Was it that the world’s most expensive coffee gets pooped from a luwak.

The post that I thought would have captured more reads

I thought that the post Bologna, the Italian leader of food would have gained more reads. First of all it’s about food, it’s about Italy which all people seem to love and also it is about a city that goes under the radar when visiting Italy. It’s a good post.

The best written post

I think Royal Selangor, the king of pewter is the best written post on We All Travel Together. I think the story is woven together showing an aspect of Malay culture and also facts about Malaysian pewter. I think it tells a story that involves a very important character.

My favourite post

My favourite post is the Mesmerizing sounds of the gamelan. I fell in love with the sound of the Indonesian percussion orchestra that plays with all the dances. It’s a unique sound that has captured me like nothing else has ever captured me again

Our readers

Our readers come from everywhere. You would be surprised where some of them come from Japan which is not surprising, it’s the country I live in. Japan was leading by a lot but it will be surpassed by America in the very near future. Australia is number 3, again not a surprise after all it’s the country I’m from. Australia is followed by the UK, Germany, France, Malaysia, Canada, Philippines and Hong Kong round out the top ten. We have had readers though from the likes of Israel,Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Madagascar and Cambodia.

What 2014 holds for We All Travel Together

The main goal is to increase our readership so if you haven’t registered to follow we hope you do in the near future.  We would like to continue with our interview segment. It seems popular so if you want to be interviewed let us know. We would love for some of our readers to write some guests posts after all We All Travel Together is not just about my family travelling together it is about you travelling too.

Where we will be in 2014

2014 has just began and we have just come back from a trip to Langkawi where we spent six relaxing days. We have a hot spring weekend planned in February. Our family or my son and I will go on our first snowboarding trip together. August we currently have a trip planned to Taiwan but our minds are never made up so that could change in a second.  We have lots planned and that is still only  for the first half of the year.

What do you have planned for 2014? We would love to hear all about it so leave a comment for us and our readers.  Once again thank you for supporting We All Travel Together