We All Travel Together’s favourite travel video bloggers

When you are not at work, not with your friends hanging out, not travelling how do you fill your time at home? I don’t watch much TV however I do watch a lot of travel video blogs on You Tube. Damm you, You Tube.

Yes, it’s addictive, getting your travel fix through other people until it is your time to hit the road. You get to know what days, what times your favourite bloggers post there videos. You look forward to your night knowing that a new video will be posted.

I’ve never understood reality TV until watching these travel bloggers, to me watching these bloggers is equivalent to someone getting their weekly fix of The Kardashians but only these bloggers are far more interesting.

These are our five favourite travel video bloggers

Karl Watson

56,015 subscribers 106 videos

Karl Watson, a British You Tube travel blogger is our favourite. His videos are usually about his whole trip, around an hour in length compared to other video bloggers whose videos are around 8-10 minutes.

Karl’s video’s always have a great story and his editing is of an extremely high level as he is a video editor in his professional career. Not only is he a great story teller, he also usually travels with some great friends. Everyone loves James who you often see on Karl’s trips.

We first started watching Karl’s videos HK2NY series which was a trip went to numerous countries starting in Hong Kong and finishing in New York.  Karl’s videos are usually full of adventure but he does sometimes has trouble jumping from things.

Check Karl Watson’s videos here

Lost LeBlanc

501,258 subscribers 564 videos

Christian LeBlanc, a Canadian travel video blogger has become one of the most watched travel bloggers, who until recently travelled with his girl friend Laura. Lost LeBlanc’s videos have definitely improved since he first started three years ago when he started travelling around South East Asia.

With his witty personality and his mean Australian accent LeBlanc’s stories will bring a smile to your face. His drone footage is amazing giving you a bird’s eye view of the world. By far his best video, but on a more serious note is The Black Tusk, The Truth of Elephant Riding.

Check Lost Leblanc’s videos here

Danegar and Stacey

21, 544 subscribers 136 videos

Danegar and Stacey are travel video bloggers from New Zealand who live the nomadic life of settling down and living in a place for at least a couple of months to give their audience a more in depth look at living and travelling in a country.

They post videos almost every day sometimes about some interesting trip or their daily life. If you want to know how much it costs to live in a country then Danegar and Stacey often post about their cost of living for each country.

Check Danegar and Stacey’s videos here

Finn Snow

63,810 subscribers 161 videos

Finn Snow, an Icelandic travel video blogger who has been travelling solo until recently. Finn is currently travelling with his  girl friend is the new kid on the block in travel video blogging. He has only been blogging for a year.

Finn started off as a shy guy but over the last 6-8 months he has done a better job in showing his personality. Finn comes across as a nice guy.  Finn’s videos have mostly covered travelling through the Philippines and has virtully covered the whole country.

If you are thinking of going to the Philippines then you have to watch his videos.

Check Finn Snow’s videos here


576,154 subscribers 352 videos

Brothers Alex and Marko from America are the kings of travel video blogging. I don’t know any other travel video bloggers who have more subscribers and they have also been doing this for four years. The longest out of these five video bloggers.

Vagabrothers story telling is very good and provides more in depth information about the country’s history than any other bloggers who I watch.  The informative blogs help capture their audience but what is truly remarkable is their ability to get into a costume for their videos. You just never know what they will be doing or wearing next to help tell the story.


These are our favourite travel bloggers why don’t you tell us who is your favourite in the comments section below.




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