The best beach in Australia, Whitehaven Beach


Australian beaches are world class and  the best in my opinion  is Whitehaven Beach which regularly ranks in the best beaches in the world when the travel magazines release their top 10’s  each year but unless you’re staying on Hamilton island or are driving along the east coast it takes a bit of strategy to be able to visit, especially if you have to catch a flight from Cairns in three days time like I had to. Cairns is an all night bus ride on the Greyhound service.

Day tour with Ocean Rafting

There are many different companies that will take you out to Whitehaven Beach from Airlie Beach but I chose to go with Ocean Rafting as it gives you the most time on the beach, two hours. It’s not exactly in a boat sailing but rather a  raft which can enter waters which no other company can, going right up to the shores of Hill’s Inlet and White Haven Beach


The Southern Tour

On the day of the tour rain was coming down and they gave customers the opportunity to take the tour on another day but I was to take the bus to Cairns that night so it was the only chance to tick off a place on the bucket list so I had no choice luckily it cleared up during the day.

Be ready for a fun, exhilarating ride as the raft skims across the open waters while the skipper gets his kicks out of watching the passengers hang on while the raft weaves in and out of the open waters. Wind whips across the passengers face, music blaring until the raft stops on the reef for some snorkelling.

Snorkelling on the reef

I’ve only snorkelled a few times before including one other time on the Great Barrier Reef but this snorkelling spot on a fringing reef was amazing with vivid hard and soft coral and plenty of fish bringing the sea to life. I still can’t dive under the water and struggle with salty sea water getting in my mouth through the snorkel being full of water but I could have stayed there forever especially playing hide and seek with the big parrot fish that I managed to capture its attention.

Hill Inlet

Hill Inlet is where you will first step foot in the Whitsundays National Park and the ten minute walk to the spectacular lookout which I’m sure some of you have seen on pictures on Instagram of the swirling pure white sand mixed with the turquoise waters.  The guide mentioned she could never get tired of coming here as the breathtaking scene chang/es everyday.



Whitehaven Beach

I finally stepped on the beach that had been on my bucketlist ever since I first saw pictures of the velvety white silica sand which makes it one of the whitest beaches in the world. When you first step foot on it you realize you are at a very special place, a smile appears as your toes and hands run through the sand before jumping into the clear water. Happy to sit in waist deep water as you ponder your thoughts looking over the seven kilometre beach.

Two hours go quick before being whisked back to Airlie Beach. Some places the beauty of the place remains in your memory and Whitehaven Beach will be a place I won’t forget.






Have you been to Whitehaven Beach ? Is it the most beautiful beach which you have been to?

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