Where to eat in Merimbula


Feeling hungry while you are in Merimbula and don’t know where to eat then hopefully this guide can help you decide where to have a feed. Merimbula for its size has a plethora of restaurants and cafes and these are some of the places which we have eaten at over the years in which we have been coming here.  Enjoy and bon appetite.

 Best cafes for brunch

You are on holiday, there’s no need to wake up early and there’s no better thing to wake up and go out for hearty meal in the middle of the morning when you have all the free time you need to relax sip on a coffee while eating some great food, for me usually eggs.

Waterfront Cafe

This is one of the first places I always go to when we are in Merimbula and is a popular place for locals and tourists situated in a perfect location on the sweeping corner of the promenade where diners can sit outside and bask in the warm sun overlooking the lake.

The Waterfront cafe uses 100% Arabica Vittoria coffee and they always make a perfect cappuccino or a cafe latte but what I usually come for is the food.  Living in Japan which doesn’t have a brunch culture so what I want to eat are eggs usually i go with egg bennedict which comes with either shaved ham or smoked salmon. I also am a huge fan of avocado so I love the smashed avocado on a toasted ciabatta mixed with tabbouleh giving the diner a Mediterranean feel.

opening hours

Open 7 days a week

Breakfast 7:30am- 11:30am

Lunch from 11:45am




egg benedict with salmon

Oaklands Barn

Oakland Barns located on the outskirts of town near Pambula is one of these unique places which keeps expanding every time we go out there. It originally started with just a cafe, art gallery and a barn with farm animals for the kids to pat now has expanded to include  a nursery and even has a micro brewery. The place is fun with a variety of things to do for everyone. We used to go for brunch but now with beer on the menu next time we will be going during the afternoon.

The great thing about their coffee is its organic and while you are here try their homemade scones.

opening hours

Open 7 days a week

Breakfast 9:00am- 11:00am

Lunch 11:30am-14:30pm

The Oaklands cafe doesn’t have a website but for more information try Oaklands barns site.






It’s lunch it is Australia, the best thing to do is eat outside and what better place to do it than having a BBQ on the many free BBQ’s which you can use at either Spencer Park which is great for families with play equipment and very shallow water for the kids to wade in. There’s also Ford Park at the main beach which has free BBQ’s

After a BBQ the next best thing to do is have fish and chips on the beach. There are three fish and chip shops in Merimbula. I have personally only eaten at Jodie’s fish and chip shop which is located walking distance from the beach. We always buy them from there and then take them to the beach to eat.

opening hours

Jodie’s fish and chips

1A Maine Parade

11:00am -19:30pm

Jodie’s fish and chip shop does not have a website.


Fish and Chips from Jodie’s fish and chip shop


BBQ at Specenr Park


Many of the locals go to the RSL Club or Club Sapphire for their dinners. My mum really enjoys the RSL Club we will also introduce you to the new boy in town well known for its hamburgers, plus a hip tapas bar, feel like Thai they have that too and if you are in town and need a place for a function or a larger group to dine we’ll show you where you can hold that too.


The RSL club is where our family has eaten the most as it has played a big part in my parents time in Merimbula and the restaurant at the club Coral Sea restaurant serves large well cooked meals. The restaurant not only serves typical meals which you can find at many regional clubs in Australia but also Chinese and Thai food which I have never personally eaten.

I can highly reccomend the sweet roasted pork belly served with chilly scallops. The pork was cooked perfectly with the outside skin very crunchy. I have also the rack of lamb because its virtually impossible to have lamb in Japan but it is not on their current menu.

opening hours

52-54 Main Street Merimbula

Lunch 12:00-14:00pm

Dinner 18:00-20:30pm


Sapphire Club

The Sapphire Club which is also located on Main Street has really good deals on Sunday and Monday nights and is the only time we have eaten at there restaurant Pacific Bistro. On these nights you have the option of seven meals such as Australian favourites Chicken Parmigiana. Chicken Snitzel, Roast of the day, Fish of the day and steak plus a couple of other options for $13. The food won’t blow you away but it is cheap and something that a typical Australian family may eat.

opening hours

52-54 Main Street Merimbula

Lunch 12:00-14:00pm

Dinner 18:00-20:30pm


Ritzy Wine and Tapas Bar

This restaurant has changed ownership a few times since we last ate there however it still uses the same concept so I feel we can comment about this place.  We loved this place when we ate here the sofas which we could lounge around on while eating a variety of tapas which specializes in seafood which were great to share. From the pictures which I have seen it looks like the servings may have gotten bigger.

This place was more for the younger crowd serving cool cocktails and wines from various countries of the world. Next time I’m in town I will make sure I come to update the blog.

opening hours

56 Market Street

Opens from 16:00pm-11:45pm

Ritzy Tapas and wine bar does not have a website

Dulcie’s Cottage

This is the coolest, latest restaurant in town and what an amazing concept. I haven’t seen anything like this anywhere.Located next to the RSL club this place literally serves burgers outside its own property, meaning in the backyard of it’s house and from what I’ve heard if the weather is cold or bad they have diners in their home but don’t quote me on that.

The menu is small with only five burgers, oysters which are famous in Merimbula and a cheese plate. The burgers are served on organic Milk buns. All orders are taken from the van. If you are young in spirit and up for a burger then this is the place to check out. Burgers start from $14.

opening hours

60 Main street Merimbula

Located next to the RSL club

opening hours vary everyday


Wheeler’s Seafood Restaurant

Wheeler’s Seafood restaurant is great for functions or large groups we have eaten here for Christmas where we were a group of 12 and there were other groups eating here as well so they have no problem if you are a large group.

What is great about this restaurant is that they have their own oyster farm and have been doing this since 1927. Oysters are very famous in Merimbula and when we were dining in Sydney we actuallly have seen Merimbula oysters on the menu.

The oysters were amazing we ordered natural with lemon and light rye.

While in Merimbula try them out but don’t drink too much as this restaurant is a little bit out of town.

opening hours

open for lunch 7 days a week

open for dinner 6 days a week Monday to Saturday.


What’s your favourite place to eat in merimbula tell us in the comments box below.

2 thoughts on “Where to eat in Merimbula

  1. patriciaolson86

    After I long time see some tasty food and coffee. I am a food hunter. I always want good food for me because that is fresh your mind and mood. You give there some information about food i read that. There coffee is wonderful design. I drink as like coffee but i can not eat this places coffee. I want to go there and eat there food. Can you give me some information How to go there?I am waiting for your reply.

    1. Hi Patricia
      Thanks for reading. Merimbula is located on the east coast of Australia approximately 5 hours from Sydney and a couple of hours from Camberra. To find out more about Merimbula and how to get there, read my post on what to do in Australia

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