Jim Thompson and his house


Jim Thompson’s house

We had heard of Jim Thompson when we were travelling around Malaysia. We were interested by his intriguing life story. A former American soldier who was a forerunner for the CIA who made it big in Thailand by revitalizing the silk trade and building his empire only to go missing in the foothills of the Cameron Highlands in central Malaysia.

Rumour has, he was eaten by a tiger, killed or abducted by the CIA but the most likely, hit by a truck on the side of the road. What makes it even more interesting his sister also died in an unusual situation. Will we ever find out what happened to Jim I don’t know but his life story brought me to visit the house which he once lived in which is a popular place amongst tourists.


Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson’s house is located in the heart of Bangkok, the brown teak house situated on the rivers edge consists of six traditional houses which were formerly from Ayuthaya. Jim bought them and reassembled the housesto form one large house.


Jim Thompson’s house

The house though large was very simple, nothing extravagant like many rich houses that successful people now choose to live in. The simplicity of the house was thouroughly explained by our lovely enthusiastic guide who highlighted the main features and what they represented. She spoke with confidences and engaged the audience with her knowledge of the house, the Thai lifestyle and some stories about the man who once lived here.

Jim Thompson was a collector of art and antiques and the house displayed a large range of paintings and fine china. The tour which is compulsory lasts for around an hour.

The house which is owned by the Jim Thompson funds is worth a visit and is a cheap admission if you don’t get carried away buying too many silk products.

Visitor information

The Jim Thompson House is located on Soi Kasemsan (2) Song, opposite the National Stadium on Rama I Rd.

Opening Hours :

9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. everyday with the last Guided Tour at 6:00 p.m.*

Getting to the Jim Thompson House :

Located in the center of Bangkok, it is conveniently reached by car, taxi, Tuk tuk, or the Sky Train (Bangkok Transit System).

Admission : Adult 150 baht;

Students (under 22 years old) 100 baht

* Compulsory guided tours around the house.

For more information about the house click on the link to Jim Thompson’s homepage .


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