When travel is no longer a big priority in life

It’s now December 29th, a day before we go to Busan the second biggest city in South Korea where we will be staying for five days. The day before is always a day that is filled with excitement, butterflies churn in my stomach but as I lie on the bed typing this post something seems to be missing. The butterflies just aren’t there, the excitement isn’t there either actually I’ve felt like that nearly all this year and that has probably been the reason that posts have been few and far this year.

Actually it is probably why we haven’t really done any travel this year.Earlier in the year we went to Vietnam and I enjoyed my time there but it didn’t excite me when I come back from a holiday the first thing I usually do is want to start planning another trip but this time I was just happy to return to Japan.

The Summer I went home and caught up with family and childhood friends there was very little sightseeing and travelling it was just great to be back catching up on old times. I had an amazing time. A couple of days later after I returned to Japan I went away with my wife and son just for a few days to relax at a cheap resort in Miyazaki again we did nothing and it was nice. It wasn’t travel but relaxing it is what we needed.

It is hard to say why I have began to feel like this as travel has always been a high priority in my life after all I married someone who loves to  travel as much as me not to say that is why we got married but meaning it would have been hard for me to have married someone who didn’t like to travel. We have raised a child who has travelled a lot from a young age hoping to inspire him to follow in our footsteps.

The world inspired me like it inspires most people who set out around the world to see its riches I want it to inspire me again to once more be a priority in my life to feel the passion that it once gave me. But for now other things have taken over my life that I had once never thought would be something that I would like to obtain. The last couple of years I’ve been promoted in our company from working just the required hours that foreign workers usually work in Japan to working long hours like the Japanese work but I’m not complaining it is what I surprisingly wanted the thing is my holiday time is a lot shorter and the workload has left me tired but I’m enjoying what I do. I thought this what would drive me to want to escape and set out to have a break from things and get me on the road for a short time but atlas it never did.

Right now if I wanted to get away even though we leave tomorrow I would rather do nothing but lie on the sands of a beautiful beach with a drink in hand taking in the rays of the sun for now that is all I want to do instead we are heading to the bitter coldness of Winter in South Korea in a city that I’ve heard reminds many Japanese of the city that I live in today,Osaka.

Will Busan catch us by surprise, will it get me out of this funk, but most of all will it inspire me to want to set out and see more of this amazing world.  I want to be inspired I want to feel the way that travelling once made me feel. I need to be inspired I need to be set free.

Have you ever felt like this before?  Is travelling  still a huge priority for you?


7 thoughts on “When travel is no longer a big priority in life

    1. Thanks for reading. Travel is an important part of our lives and Busan surprisingly got our mojo back it was a great trip filled with great experiences and most of all when we came back it made me want to travel again. We are off to Thailand in a couple of months. Glad you like to travel. How was it travelling by bike?

  1. Sounds familiar to me, but the moment I start packing (usually last minute) and close the door behind me, the feeling usually comes back. It’s just that sometimes other things like work or family matters sometimes absorb me so, that I don’t feel the energy to even think of travelling. Not often but it did happen. But then, the moment I start moving, the moment I’m in the car or on the plane, the energy comes back and the new impressions I collect, the new people I meet, they all work very refreshing, and things that were so important are put back in their right perspective again. Anyway, that’s how it works with me. Happy travels!

  2. Travel is still a thrill for us. Right now we are tied by obligations at home. I have an ill 85 year old mother who has dementia and David’s mom also lives near us and is 97. We move in with my mom every other week to care for her. It’s draining and not fun. It would be difficult for us to take off even if we got care for David’s mom.

    We hope to travel again. We save money every single month. Our problem is that we can only get away for a few days. We really want to go to China to visit Phil and Julia and their baby, Sophia. But: when and how to get the time. They have even written to tell us they have gotten the apartment next door so they have bedrooms available. (they are on couchsurfers.). I would sincerely like to go in 2016 but …. again …. how to get the time.

    I hope you begin to enjoy travel again … I have always enjoyed reading your adventures and love that you have a family who travels with you.

    1. I think as we get older free time that we used to have seems to be much shorter, harder to get away. Sylvia look at it this way with both of your parents still alive it means both you and David will live a long and prosperous life. You will still have time to travel. I feel. I will also begin to enjoy travelling again well I hope we do.

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