kuranda is not for the Australian traveller


Kuranda, sorry to say we just don’t get the appeal, everyone raves about this little village. How if you are in the Cairns/ Port Douglas area that you have to go, that it will be the highlight of your trip but unfortunately we just felt like a tourist trap. Maybe for a foreign traveller they may have a different appeal as most of the attractions cater to Australian wildlife and Australiana arts and craft. We did though enjoy the train ride up on the Kuranda Scenic Railway. I think the price for the family to do this day trip is one of the reasons I also think it’s a trap. Continue reading “kuranda is not for the Australian traveller”

Snorkelling The Great Barrier Reef Low Isles

Whether you are in Cairns or Port Douglas one of the must things to do is to take a boat out to the Great Barrier Reef. There are a few options which are very popular with day trippers that sail either out to Fitzroy or Green Island which are closer to Cairns or a trip out to the Low Isles which is closer to Port Douglas.

As we were staying in Port Douglas we decided to take the Quicksilver catamaran out to Low Isles as the islands are only 13 kilometres from Port Douglas. This helped with our decision as well as the fact that the tours are catered for roughly fifty people where if you were going out to one of the other islands the boats are much larger and cater for around 100 people. Quicksilver is one of four companies that are licensed to moor at Low Isles.

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