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We love our coffee,  when we were in Bali we visited a coffee plantation and now that  we are in Vietnam we were looking forward to enjoying a few cups of the country’s famous Vietnamese coffee.

Coffee was first introduced by the French in the 19th century and since then has been embraced by the locals becoming a large part of the Vietnamese culture. In fact Vietnam is the second leading producer of coffee in the world.

Vietnamese like to drink their coffee in the morning and you often see them sitting outside on plastic chairs on the pavement, relaxing, chatting with friends or reading the newspaper before going to work.

To be honest we never  really knew what to expect before ordering our first coffee we knew that the coffee was served with condensed milk instead of regular milk as fresh milk was difficult to find when it was first introduced.

Vietnamese coffee is brewed using a phin ( a silver serving metal filter) where the coffee drips into a glass that makes a darker, stronger coffee. The  coffee is brewed at the table and takes approximately 4-5 minutes to brew. The condensed milk is served in the bottom of the glass and is stirred in after it has been brewed to enjoy a hot coffee otherwise it could be poured into a tall glass of ice.

With the use of condensed milk the coffee is definitely much sweeter than the coffee that is served in other countries. This is the preferred way that the Vietnamese like it but you can still get plenty of nice coffees served with milk. Over the week that we were there we drank a mixture of coffee sometimes served with condensed milk sometimes with fresh milk.

Coffee is usually served accompanied with a glass of tea. I tried to find out why with my research on the Internet but could not find an answer so if you know could you leave a comment in the comment box below.

What did you think of Vietnamese coffee?









2 thoughts on “experience Vietnamese coffee

  1. Californians love their coffee too….. I had no idea Vietnam was the second highest producer. In Greece we often get the coffee with cream and sugar. (at home … always black). Vietnam coffee sounds unique ….. One day I hope to try it…..

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