Wulai’s Yun Hsien amusement park

wulai waterfall 4

Wulai is a small town located about 25 kilometres from Taipei that is famous for its hot springs and the towns Atayal people, the indigenous people that live in the area. After a soak in the hot springs people venture to Wulai’s waterfall that drops from 80 metres high.

The waterfall is  located outside of town and can be reached by the popular scenic railway that the family will enjoy. Wind  blows against your face as the train rattles along the line following the Tonghou River for 1.6 kilometres. These trains were once used to transport timber and logging tools. However with the industry in decline the trains are now used to transport tourists to the falls.

Wulai’s  picturesque waterfall is the highest in Taiwan. Green vegetation clung to the side of the gorge as water streamed down the face of the gorge from the heavy rain from the day before. The cable car floated across the front of the falls as the mist lightly sprayed across the car as it transported people over to Yun Hsien amusement park.



Wulai's waterfall 5

wulai waterfall 3

wulai waterfall

wulai waterfall 1

wulai waterfall 7

This is where things become to feel eerie as the Hsien Amusement Park feels like an abandoned park from the 80’s however I was told that it becomes a lot busier on the weekends when all the activities and attractions are up and running.

The expansive grounds covered in its natural environment of tall trees, greenery covers the park, most likely  a man made stream flows through the centre of the park where people can pay to row boats around it. Archery, a wading pool, a stage for the  Ayatal people to perform their dances and even a resort were spotted around the park but where were the attendants, the staff, even the customers. It really was deserted.

wulai waterfall 2

wulai waterfall 6

The athletics course was run down as you climbed up and over the wooden obstacles trying to keep balance. we swung across water with ropes and swings hoping that it would hold as maintenance looked like it hadn’t been done since the park first opened.

The ghost house was the only thing that didn’t come across as ghostly as my son Rei, notoriously known as a chicken giggled at the large outdated monsters that looked more like soft toys than monsters, the audio that could be heard in the background didn’t its course.

Do yourself a favour if you visit Wulai, don’t bother taking the cable car over to Yun Hsien amusement park. Soak in the hot springs, enjoy the views of the waterfall, eat some local food before heading back to Taipei.

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