The ins and outs of We All Travel Together in 2014

Wow, how quickly does the year go by. I can’t believe 2015 is upon us already. It feels like I was just writing this similar post a couple of months ago, but already a year has come and gone.

In 2014 We All Travel Together posted 38 posts for a grand total of 88 posts. Hopefully in 2015 we can improve on this as we would like to post on a more regular basis in 2015.

This year we had over 6000 thousand hits to the website, not a large number by any means but we will be happy to bring up our 10000th hit in 2015.

We All Travel Together would like to thank you for the support and wish you all the best for 2015. We would like to share the ins and outs of 2014  with you. We start with the most read posts.

The most read posts on We All Travel Together

The most read post for 2014 was the one day skiing trip that Rei and I did on Mount Rokko, a small mountain near Kobe that is good for beginners to try skiing. You can read about it here. By the way skiing is a lot harder than it looks. This post over took the three interviews that I conducted in a series with other travelers. Once again I would like to thank Lauro Serra- Pelancos,  Sonoko Nakaya and Sarah B Klingseid for participating. You can read their interviews here.

The next most read posts were on our holiday to Langkawi in Malaysia surprisingly one is a review of Berjaya Resort and the other is a post about Why we didn’t really like Langkawi. I guess the article’s headline caught the reader’s attention.

This was followed by the wonderful day tour we did with Dev’s adventure tours as Rei and I kayaked through the mangroves while Hitomi recovered in the resort from her New Year hangover.

Making up the remainder of the top 10 were posts that were also featured in the top 10 from last year. Going to a Japan Baseball Game, Food you should eat in Osaka and Escape to Lamma Island, Hong Kong.

Posts with the most comments

The post with the most comments this year was also our most read post on skiing Mount Rokko. A few readers asked comments about the mountain, the slopes, the time of year to ski, accommodation so if you are a beginner and you want to know more about the mountain then take a read.

With any of our posts feel free to leave a comment we love to hear from out readers.

The least read posts

The least read posts on We All Travel Together were the articles written on serious matters at the time which were covered by the media. These were The Closure of the National Parks and Monuments in America as well as Would you visit Thailand now that the protests are taking place. Thankfully the parks and monuments are now open and the protests have finished in Thailand.

The post that caught me by surprise

Leaning Tower of Pisa is not the only tower that leans. This post didn’t quite make our most read posts. I guess people are interested in architecture and many people know that The tower of Pisa leans but they may not have been aware that other towers lean making them click on the post.

The post that I thought would have captured more reads

I thought the post Grains of Sand turn into art at Otsuka’s art museum would have gained more reads, however our readers seem to be more interested in outdoor activities that we do rather than museums. This is an interesting one though as all the famous paintings are all done on tiles.

The best written Post

Not necessarily the best written but definitely one of the most informative posts that we have written and valuable to our readers is the post on Cherry Blossom viewing in Osaka. You won’t miss the cherry blossoms once you read this.

Our Readers

In 2014 America surpassed Japan as the country that follows We All Travel Together as the  number one audience to follow our blog. Second is Japan followed by Australia, Malaysia not that far behind third place and Singapore making up the fifth.

What 2015 holds for We All Travel Together

The main goal this year is to write regularly to the site, hopefully once a week will be our goal which we sustained in 2013 but let slip in 2014. This will help gain more readership and we would like to reach 15,000 hits before the clock ticks to 2016.

Where we will be in 2015

2015 has just began and we have just come back from Vietnam where we spent time in hectic Ho Chi Minh in the south and Hue in the central Vietnam so some posts will follow.

We would like to go to Yoshino in Nara in April to see the cherry blossoms as it is supposed to be one of the best places to see them in Japan as well as soak in a hot spring.

We may visit Shirahama to see the new-born pandas at Adventure world and enjoy the best beach in Kansai.

Himeji Castle one of the few original castles in Japan as just finished its restoration after a few years so it would be great to see that. I visited years ago but would like to go again.

International trips planned is to hike the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea but this will only take place if I recover from knee surgery from then. If I haven’t fully recovered it will be a trip home to Australia.

We also have planned a trip to Dubai this year. Of course over the year our ideas on places change so you never know where we might end up.

What do you have planned for 2015? We would love to hear all about it so leave a comment for us and our readers. Once again thank you for supporting We All Travel Together.















2 thoughts on “The ins and outs of We All Travel Together in 2014

  1. cj

    Damn time Fly’s as I remember I was going to or thinking of starting before your blog – thanks for your reviews and in sites
    My friend on new year day build a blog for me – so now the pressure is on its called and Facebook 12stepnomad
    Thanks again and hope your dreams come true

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