Hot spring experience in Wulai near Taipei

wulai 3

Pause Landis hot spring

Hot Springs play a very important part in our holidays, having a Japanese wife and having lived in Japan for the last fifteen years, the soothing hot water makes you want to experience it in other countries which are rich in volcanic soil perfect for forming hot Springs. Taiwan has numerous hot springs spotted around the country, the closest ones to Taipei is the hot spring town of Beitou that the Japanese made when they occupied Taiwan. From the pictures, the town looked beautiful but it also looked like any hot spring place we could find in Japan. We wanted something more authentic to Taiwan so we chose the aboriginal town of Wulai.

Wulai, in  aboriginal means hot and poisonous, the word hot, I guess coming from the hot springs. I would hate to guess how the word poisonous gets mixed into the fray. On the day that we went to Wulai, it was flurrying with rain, the green hills that surrounded the town was covered in a shroud of mist, hiding the river that snakes through the town. The water gushed from the side of the hill, streaming across the road. Exploring would be impossible in this weather but we were saved by our hotel Pause Landis Resort.

Pause Landis Resort

Pause Landis Resort is one of the first hotels located at the start of the township of Wulai and has its own hot springs, overlooking the vibrant turquoise  Nanshi river flowing below. Our room also had a hot spring where we could enjoy the views while the minerals seeped into our bodies forming sleek  skin.

Later we went to the hotel’s public hot springs, like Japan you must bathe naked, the water a little cooler to Japan’s but perfect to soak in.The expansive baths were all inside as we soaked peacefully while the rain continued to fall.

Wulai’s public hot spring

wulai 2

Nanshi river, Wulai


Nanshi river, Wulai


Wulai, public hot springs

Once the weather cleared the next day, we were able to explore the riverside hot springs that are famous in the area. Wulai’s hot springs are clear and odorless unlike many that have sulphuric odor that smells like rotten eggs.

The river is made up of three hot springs each one a little cooler than the other. Unlike, other hot springs in hotels the people here bathe in swimsuits because it is a public place so for the shy and bashful this place may be more comfortable for you to bathe in. You still must wash yourself thoroughly before relaxing in the hot springs.

There is something special about soaking in hot springs in the wild being amongst nature listening to the flow of the river, the chatter of locals talking about their life while you lean back with eyes shut in pure bliss. hot springs will do that to you where you  can escape and be in harmony with oneself. Next time you’re on holiday why don’t you try to find a nice secluded hot spring where you can get away from it all. You won’t be disappointed.

How to get there

Wulai, approximately 40 minutes from Taipei isn’t difficult to get to by  bus from Xindian MRT station but because on the day we went it was pouring with rain we chose to take a taxi for 600NT$.

Have you experienced soaking in hot springs? We would love to hear about it on We All Travel Together.

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