Hot spring experience in Wulai near Taipei

wulai 3

Pause Landis hot spring

Hot Springs play a very important part in our holidays, having a Japanese wife and having lived in Japan for the last fifteen years, the soothing hot water makes you want to experience it in other countries which are rich in volcanic soil perfect for forming hot Springs. Continue reading “Hot spring experience in Wulai near Taipei”

On top of the former tallest building in the world Taipei 101

taipei 101 2
Taipei 101

Like many things in history, things change from the first car, electricity, computers to even the buildings that we live in to the towering skyscrapers that now rise above everything else in the cities that we live, work and play in.

Skyscrapers never existed until the 19th century as anything built over six stories were built by the wealthy for defense and status, but that all changed with the invention of an elevator and the materials used to construct buildings. From the 1930’s skyscrapers began to appear throughout the world. Continue reading “On top of the former tallest building in the world Taipei 101”

Eating Yum Cha in the Grand Hotel in Taipei


Grand Hotel, Taipei

What’s the one thing you have to do when you visit Taipei? Eat yum cha, of course. Earlier we had tried to eat at Din Tai Fung. Taipei’s most famous yum cha restaurant which its Hong Kong branch has been awarded a Michelin star since 2010. Continue reading “Eating Yum Cha in the Grand Hotel in Taipei”