Soho and the world’s longest escalator.

Hong kong esculators 2

The man dressed in a white shirt and holding a briefcase hurriedly walked past when his phone rang, he reaches for the phone, the call only lasts for a brief moment before he starts to run. The people here are different to Kowloon, there it was the blue-collar worker, the man who works hard doing the dirty, mundane jobs while in Central, in the heart of Hong Kong is the business district where people sit in the office of large banking corporations perched in high rising skyscrapers that surround the area. People sip tea and eat yum cha in the most expensive restaurants of five-star hotels while having business meetings with their associates or clients all thanks to the company’s expense account.

Hong Kong’s stock exchange also has a place here, with around 1500 companies listed it is the fifth largest in the world With all these people working in the area, people have to commute but if their one of the fortunate ones who live in the SOHO district, an area in Central representing the South of Hollywood road, life was made so much easier for them when the Central mid level escalators were built in 1993 which is the longest escalator in the world. The escalators cover over 800 metres in distance and elevates 135 metres. Don’t be too disappointed to find that these escalators aren’t joined but are of course separated. The escalators run downwards from 6am   to 10am and upwards from 10.30am to midnight.

hong kong esclators 1hong kong escuators

Hong kong esculators 2

hong kong esculators 3

hong kong esculators 4

SOHO, how a place has changed back in the day before the escalators, the streets were filled with elderly going about their day, playing Chinese chess, stretching with slow, graceful movements of tai chi while shop keepers were selling all kinds of porcelain.  Now thanks to the creation of the escalator system, SOHO has become more vibrant, restaurants, bars and shops line its route as well as clubs, galleries and antique stores and Asia’s first full time comedy club.

SOHO is the place where the white-collar worker can get rid of his tie, party the night away, until the morning when he is woken by his alarm,with no time for a shower, he looks in his wardrobe, he reaches for a white shirt and take the longest escalator back to work.

Have you taken the world’s longest esculator in Hong Kong?

2 thoughts on “Soho and the world’s longest escalator.

  1. Nice write up ….. I’ve never heard of the escalator system …. it would be so fun to do it …… especially with a drink 😀 …… It looks like the area offers a lot of shopping and entertainment. One day ……

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