Shilin night market, the king of Taipei’s markets


Taipei a city of nearly 4 million people is home to 6 night markets catering to everyone’s needs from electrical appliances, toys, clothes and of course street food.Taipei’s Shilin market is the oldest and largest market. It first started in 1899 when people came to sell produce and fish in the Shilin area. Now locals and tourist each  night flock to check out the market. Continue reading “Shilin night market, the king of Taipei’s markets”

Tips on how to travel by yourself

People often say to me “Chris, you are so lucky that you can travel with someone when ever you want to because you have a family to travel with , who enjoys travelling” . I also think that I’m fortunate that I found someone who enjoys travelling as much as I but I also used to travel by myself.

When you first start planning your trip you will find it intimidating but also exciting at the same time. Don’t prevent yourself from exploring the world, learning new things not only about the country and its culture but also about yourself just because you haven’t got a friend to travel with. Continue reading “Tips on how to travel by yourself”

Soho and the world’s longest escalator.

Hong kong esculators 2

The man dressed in a white shirt and holding a briefcase hurriedly walked past when his phone rang, he reaches for the phone, the call only lasts for a brief moment before he starts to run. The people here are different to Kowloon, there it was the blue-collar worker, the man who works hard doing the dirty, mundane jobs while in Central, in the heart of Hong Kong is the business district where people sit in the office of large banking corporations perched in high rising skyscrapers that surround the area. People sip tea and eat yum cha in the most expensive restaurants of five-star hotels while having business meetings with their associates or clients all thanks to the company’s expense account. Continue reading “Soho and the world’s longest escalator.”