Windmills of Palm Springs

When you think of windmills visions of the old wooden style windmills in the Netherlands are the first things that come to your mind but this is not the only place that you can see so many windmills in the one area.

In Palm Springs,  a city approximately two hours south of Los Angeles you are able to see many windmills along Interstate 10 as you near the city. It comes as a surprise when you first see these large steel turbines propelling in a circular motion. These windmills farms generate enough electricity to power the entire city of Palm Springs and the surrounding area.


The farm produces 600-900 megawatts of power. Utility companies buy the electricity produced by the 3,100 windmills at the wind farm. The farm runs many different types and styles of windmills. The largest windmills on the property produce enough power for 2,000 homes. The newest windmills are much more efficient than older models.

The Palm Springs area is unique, as the wind blows hard enough to power the windmills 300 days a year. The San Jacinto mountains are the 3rd highest mountain range in California and provide a wind tunnel through the San Gorgonio Pass along Interstate 10. The wind runs east to west along the pacific plate. The winds usually blow west to east in the mornings and east to west in the afternoon so half of the windmills face east and half west to take advantage of this. Windmills are placed 700 feet apart for optimal use of the wind. As the wind goes through one windmill it becomes dirty and takes about 700 feet before it clears up enough to be used by the next windmill.


If you see a windmill turbines not turning, it does not mean that its broken as i found out that the windmill has reached its maximum capacity.

It’s great to see a city like Palm Springs leading other cities to become greener and improve our environment.


To learn more about the windmills tours to a windmill farm can be easily found from Palm Springs.

Have you seen the windmills in Palm Springs? Are there other places that have many windmills other than the Netherlands.

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