Driving around Langkawi in a taxi

Earlier in a post we mentioned that we hired a taxi to take us around the island for four hours for the price of RM125 around $40. Langkawi doesn’t have public transportation so if you don’t have a car, then you are at the mercy of the taxis. Fortunately the taxis are quite cheap and we were only travelling to Langkawi for six days but for budget conscious travelers or people traveling for an extended period then this could be a costly experience.

Berjaya Resort, where we were staying is located on the North West side of the island so we thought we would travel across to the North East side stopping at a few places on the way. The first stop Langkawi’s crocodile farm.

Langkawi Crocodile Farm

For an island that doesn’t have any crocodiles living in its natural habitat around Langkawi it sure has a lot of crocodiles with over 1000 crocodiles in the farm from juveniles to enormous adults.

The crocodiles though were kept in rather small enclosures, some were deformed. We were caught by surprise by the grunting sound of two crocodiles we didn’t see them in the pen one was smaller and had intruded on the space of the much larger crocodile. It lashed out at the intruder. The smaller crocodile retreating. Some of the crocodiles had abrasions which were probably caused by other crocodiles.

From the bridge crossing the major enclosure hungry crocodiles baked in the sun or lay covered in the shallow water only being separated by the rails gave an eerie feeling as a crocodile would occasionally swim by. Silent, not moving, eyes closed you would think they weren’t paying attention to the trainer as he threw chicken out to them but the sudden jerk of the head, jaws clamping shut on the chicken, you quickly realize that the reputation of the sly old crocodile is justifiably deserved.

There is also a show but we did not see this. From what I have read though it wouldn’t sit well with us as trainers put their heads in the mouth of a crocodile, lay on top of them and pose and even have a boxing match if this is all true then we are glad we weren’t there. The shop sold bags and shoes made from crocodile leather. Looks like this place has other things on their agenda.




Next stop…………

Langkawi Craft Complex

If you want to know anything about the local craft scene then this is the place to go. The. Langkawi craft complex showcases many of the traditional crafts of Malaysia. You can see textiles being woven, try your luck at batik art where you can take it home for rm28 and then witness the technique of glass blowing.

The complex also has two museums The Heritage museum and the  Cultural’s and Wedding museum. Learn all about what happens at a Malay wedding just in case you happen to meet the girl of your dreams while lying on one of the beaches of Langkawi.


Talking of beaches,we visited two while hiring the taxi spending time on The Black Sand beach and then the complete opposite in contrasts the sugar coated sands of the Tanjung Rhu beach which happens to be the best beach on the island.


In the four hours that we had, we visited four places. Langkawi doesn’t really have any must see attractions, the island is  more about the wilderness, the beaches,the forests but if you want to stray away from your resort or the crowds of Pantai Cenang then it gives you something to do and you can say you didn’t spend the entire time at the beach, pool or bar of your resort.

Langkawi also has some good waterfalls worth going to but we were there during the dry season so we didn’t go thinking there wouldn’t be much water flowing.

5 thoughts on “Driving around Langkawi in a taxi

  1. In Florida they have alligator farms but they seem to be fairly well maintained… they actually live in florida… Our kids loved it when we stopped and examined one that was road kill…. We sure don’t have reptile road kill 5 feet long in California. Loved this write up… you do great research….

    1. I had to do the research as we wanted to go kayaking in the mangroves and I wasn’t going to do it if there were crocs in Langkawi. Road kills being a country boy from Australia I have seen a lot of road kills but never a croc I wonder if the people from the north part of Australia see crocs as road kills

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