Our review of Berjaya Resort, Langkawi

Berjaya Resort Langkawi is nestled between the lush rainforest and the waters of the Burau Bay. It is one of the oldest resorts in Langkawi but rooms have recently been refurbished. The resort is popular amongst families.

We stayed at the resort for six days over the Christmas/New Year period. Here are our thoughts on the resort covering the good and the bad.


Berjaya Resort is located along way from Langkawi’s main beach Pantai Cenang which is where many restaurants and bars are located however if you are looking for a quiet resort away from the crowds then Berjaya resort may be the right place for you to stay.

The resort lies in a lush rainforest on Burau Bay. Though beaches aren’t private in Malaysia, the only way to really gain access to this beach is through the resort or to walk from another beach, which could be quite far so the only people you see on the beach are hotel guests.

In Langkawi there is a night market at a different location each night. The resort has complimentary shuttle service to the market which is a cheap place to get food, clothes or souvenirs. There is also a shuttle to the nearby Oriental Village where you can ride the cable car to the top of Mount Cinang.

Berjaya is also a short taxi ride to Telaga jetty which has many restaurants for you to choose from. The resort itself has four restaurants to choose from and they also run the Japanese restaurant at the Oriental village.


This is what we really liked about the hotel, the rooms. It’s not that they were spacious, the rooms would have been standard size and the bathroom would have been considerably small and probably need to be updated. There was no bath if you are a person who needs one.

We stayed in the rainforest room and we enjoyed sitting on the balcony overlooking the surrounding forest and the partial view of the sea. Some days wild monkeys, the long tail macaques and the very cute black and white Silver Leaf monkey would play in amongst the trees in front of the balcony. We also saw a hornbill bird land in a tree near our room.

Some people may not like the odd gecko being seen in the room at night. We thought it added to the atmosphere of the place after all you are staying in the middle of the rainforest.

Berjaya is a large spread out resort which can cater up to an enormous amount of people so your room may be located quite far from the main facilities. We lucky to be only a short walk a way if you were further in the rainforest you would need to use the shuttle service which transports people throughout the resort.

The resort also has chalets on stilts above the sea but from the outside we found them quite ugly and there were no stairs leading down to the water so you would still need to use the beach if you wanted access to the sea.

resort 2

resort 5

Our room

resort 1

Chalet overlooking the  Sea

The Beach

The beach is covered in white loose sand, nearby islands jut out of the water. The water around Langkawi is an emerald green colour but it doesn’t have much clarity. While walking along the beach we found a gigantic jelly fish washed up on shore. After I came out of the water I had a few bright red spots on my body which may be from a jelly fish. The resort ran sea sport activities like jet skiing, banana boating and kayaking.


The Pool

The pool isn’t huge for a resort this size but it never felt crowded and my son and I had plenty of space to swim and play around in the water. The pool had a flowing man-made waterfall, a pool bar which was fun to sit around and have a few drinks. Service by the pool was quite good with people serving drinks and western style food.

resort 3

The Food

This was the biggest letdown in the resort. I have never understood why restaurants in resorts never serve quality local food instead choosing to serve mediocre western food.The buffet restaurant may serve local food but we don’t like buffet style restaurants so we never ate there. There are Four restaurants with the best being the Pahn Thai restaurant served in a romantic location over looking the Andaman Sea. The food however is not authentic.

Breakfast was included in the package served in the Dayang Cafe. The buffet breakfast served an assortment of Western and Malay food. Bacon and pork sausages were not served as Malaysia is a Muslim country.

New Year Gala Dinner

This was a bit of a surprise as we were not really looking forward to this but Berjaya managed to hold a very good event with a smogasboard of food which was actually quite good and live music and free-flowing alcohol. We danced the night away lasting to see the high quality firework performance which kicked 2014 off with a bang. The dinner is very expensive but it must have been included in the package that we booked as we were expecting to have to pay when checking out. The cost is over $200 a person unfortunately most hotels in langkawi make it a compulsory event over New Years.

Sports Bar

We spent a bit of time here when we were at the resort having a quiet drink, watching some Premier League Soccer games and also teaching Rei to play pool and table tennis. There was also a play station 3 corner for the children.


A resort like this you would think would have decent WIFI connection but for you bloggers or people who can’ t live without internet access, I’m sorry to say it just doesn’t work. It’s there they give you passwords but why they bother beats me.


There is also a spa and tennis courts that we did not use.


If we were to go back to Langkawi, would we use this resort again unfortunately I would have to say no even though we loved being in the rainforest. The main reason being the food just wasn’t up to standard. They should concentrate more on local food than poor western food but that being said Langkawi isn’t a great place for foodies this island is not comparable to Penang, Kuala Lumpur or Melakka in terms of food.

If we were to go back to Langkawi we would choose Bon Ton resort even though it doesn’t have a beach we have heard nothing but good things about this place and the food there is supposed to be exceptional.

Have you stayed at the Berjaya Resort in Langawi? Where did you stay in Langkawi? Tell us what you thought of your accomodation in Langkawi

4 thoughts on “Our review of Berjaya Resort, Langkawi

    1. We enjoyed our stay, the wildlife around the resort is amazing. Did you see the silver leaf monkeys while you were in Langkawi.so cute. I think resorts in general should serve decent local food.

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