Langkawi, the island full of myths

Langkawi an archipelago of 99 islands juts out from the emerald green waters of the Andaman Sea. The rocky limestone peaks of Mount Cincang and Mount Raya form the highest mountains on the island while the rest of the island is covered in lush rainforests or deep green rice fields.

Back in 1987 though Palau Langkawi was virtually an unknown island on the tourist map until Tun Dr Mahatir became Prime Minister who was formerly from the island. He stripped Penang of its duty free zone handing it over to Langkawi, resort development began with the likes of the Berjaya resort being built and tourists started to come. Was this luck or coincidence that this all coincided with the end of Mahsuri’s curse.

Mahsuri was a pretty lady who was falsely accused off adultery. She was sentenced to death without a proper investigation. Mahsuri was tied to a tree and stabbed by a kris (knife) during her execution white blood flowed from her wounds indicating her innocence just before dieing she uttered the words “For this act of injustice Langkawi shall not prosper for seven generations to come.”

Since then Langkawi has been attacked by Siam(Thailand) numerous times. There had been decades of failed crops that followed her death. That was the past and now Langkawi prospers in the future. Mahsuri’s tomb can be seen fenced  in a slab of white marble on the site of her death.


Mahsuri’s tomb


Earlier we had ascended the peak of Mount Cincang being towed up by Langkawi’s number one tourist attraction, the cable car. The cable car climbs 919 metres and has one of the steepest gradients in the world at 42 degrees.

From the top on a clear day, the panoramic view covers some of Langkawi ‘s 99 islands as well as spreading as far as Ko Lipe, an island belonging to Thailand. Unfortunately the day that we ascended, the blue sky floundered behind a thick haze preventing a dynamic view.


From the cable car

Mount Cincang is only separated from Mount Raya, the highest mountain in Langkawi  by Bukit Sawar. It is believed that these mountains were not only people but they were best friends until the da of their children’s wedding when a fight broke out between them. Pots, pans and kitchen utensils were thrown at each others family. A big pot of curry for the wedding  feast fell and seeped into the ground at Kuah(gravy) the capital of Langkawi.


Mount Raya

The pot of hot water was also thrown and showered down on Air Hangat, water still boils there in the form of hot springs. Eventually Mat Sawyer was able to stop the fight between Mat Cincang and Mount Raya. They were however transformed into mountains with Bukit Sawar being lodged between Mount Cincang and Mount Raya.

Myths and legends make for enchanting stories as you will be enchanted with the surrounding scenery that is known as Langkawi.

6 thoughts on “Langkawi, the island full of myths

    1. I really enjoy myths and legends because at one stage these people believed in them and some may still believe. It tells me a lot about their culture. I’m glad you enjoy reading them as well

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