The ins and outs of We All Travel Together in 2013

It’s hard to imagine that 2014 is already upon us. Each year seems to go faster and already  We All Travel Together has been in existence for nearly  six months, launched back in August last year. Since launching we have written 49 posts, this being our 50th post. A small milestone in its own right,  hopefully we will reach many more milestones in the future. Over the course of the six months our readership has continued to grow and recently we just brought up our 3200th hit.  We All Travel Together would like to thank you for the support and wish you all the best for 2014. We would like to share with you the Ins and Outs of the first six months of We All Travel Together.  We start with the most read posts.

The most read posts on We All Travel Together

The interview series that we have been conducting have proven to be successful being the three most read posts on We All Travel Together. These three people are an inspirational to all travellers and can prove that anybody can travel. I would personally like to thank Sarah B Klingseid , Sonoko Nakaya and Lauro Serra-Polancos for participating. The next post to be read the most is Escape to Lamma Island,Hong Kong. This post has been moving up the charts recently with a website linking to the post that covers Lamma Island.  Escape to Lamma Island  was written about escaping the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong to find Lamma Island where people live an alternative lifestyle. Readers  also found the Observation series on Japan and Australia to be popular as they followed one another in the most read column. In general writing about Japan proved to be a hit with the Food you should eat in Osaka, Japan’s distinctive four seasons and Going to a Japan Baseball game featured predominately .

Posts with the most comments

The most read posts  were also the posts that featured highly with the most comments except for one which was quite a surprise. Verona, The Shakespeare experience post was only in the middle to lower range in the read column but a few comments were left. The post is about visiting Juliet’s house only to be swept along by gimmicky and tacky attractions which I called the Shakespeare experience.

The least read posts

The least read posts are not really a surprise here because they were from a group of posts that were released in the first couple of weeks from the launch of the website when there weren’t many readers following the site but if you happened to miss some of them it might be a chance to catch up with them now. Here is a list of a few of the posts ,Madamme Tussaud’s where the wax comes to life in Los Angeles, Petrona Towers always the centre of attention, Cruising Venice’s canal, MichaelAngelo’s David verses Goliath.

The post that caught me by surprise

Bas coffee plantation, where you can find the world’s most expensive coffee. This post didn’t quite make the list in the most read posts,  barely falling short but put simply the post is about coffee I would have thought that other topics in Bali would have captured the attention of the readers. Was it that we all love coffee? Was it that the world’s most expensive coffee gets pooped from a luwak.

The post that I thought would have captured more reads

I thought that the post Bologna, the Italian leader of food would have gained more reads. First of all it’s about food, it’s about Italy which all people seem to love and also it is about a city that goes under the radar when visiting Italy. It’s a good post.

The best written post

I think Royal Selangor, the king of pewter is the best written post on We All Travel Together. I think the story is woven together showing an aspect of Malay culture and also facts about Malaysian pewter. I think it tells a story that involves a very important character.

My favourite post

My favourite post is the Mesmerizing sounds of the gamelan. I fell in love with the sound of the Indonesian percussion orchestra that plays with all the dances. It’s a unique sound that has captured me like nothing else has ever captured me again

Our readers

Our readers come from everywhere. You would be surprised where some of them come from Japan which is not surprising, it’s the country I live in. Japan was leading by a lot but it will be surpassed by America in the very near future. Australia is number 3, again not a surprise after all it’s the country I’m from. Australia is followed by the UK, Germany, France, Malaysia, Canada, Philippines and Hong Kong round out the top ten. We have had readers though from the likes of Israel,Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Madagascar and Cambodia.

What 2014 holds for We All Travel Together

The main goal is to increase our readership so if you haven’t registered to follow we hope you do in the near future.  We would like to continue with our interview segment. It seems popular so if you want to be interviewed let us know. We would love for some of our readers to write some guests posts after all We All Travel Together is not just about my family travelling together it is about you travelling too.

Where we will be in 2014

2014 has just began and we have just come back from a trip to Langkawi where we spent six relaxing days. We have a hot spring weekend planned in February. Our family or my son and I will go on our first snowboarding trip together. August we currently have a trip planned to Taiwan but our minds are never made up so that could change in a second.  We have lots planned and that is still only  for the first half of the year.

What do you have planned for 2014? We would love to hear all about it so leave a comment for us and our readers.  Once again thank you for supporting We All Travel Together

4 thoughts on “The ins and outs of We All Travel Together in 2013

  1. Chris, It really has been a good year reading your blogs on “We All Travel Together”. For me, I love that you travel with your family. That’s the wonderful thing about you. You are so devoted to your wife and son. We are looking forward to 2014. Party On!!!

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