Highlights of the Singapore zoo

When we were in Singapore, the place my son wanted to go most of all was to the Singapore zoo. It’s an amazing zoo and deserves its reputation as one of the best zoos in the world if not the best.  It is a zoo everyone can enjoy, not only families.

The zoo gives you an opportunity to get up close to the animals without having to peer through steel bars. The zoo has given away to bars by holding them in enclosures that best represent their natural habitat. Most of the animals are kept in their enclosures by moats or steep embankments.

Today I thought my son Rei would share with us what he thought were the highlights of the zoo.

1 Breakfast with the orangutans

No surprise here, like most people who have had breakfast with the orangutans it rates highly on their visit. It is a unique experience watching the orangutans come over for breakfast swinging on the ropes over the open zoo to the platform where they nibble on a variety of food.

They were so adorable with their big round eyes, shaggy fury orange coats. They even brought over two babies who clang to their mothers before they felt comfortable enough to play with one another.

The food that we ate too was surprisingly good similar to what you would eat at a hotel. We were lucky, we could sit and enjoy our breakfast with the front row seats  to all the action.

image image image image

2 Fragile forest enclosure

This enclosure is so exciting, there were flying foxes soaring above the treeline canopy. Fruit bats were hanging upside  down from trees, the beautiful but awfully slow sloth took an eternity to move and there were also two very young ring tailed lemurs exploring their new habitat which we didn’t see until one jumped centimetres over our heads which made me let out a scream. The keeper told us they are adjusting to their new environment and have just started exploring by themselves.

3 White tigers

The Singapore zoo has two white tigers named Omar and Winnie. Winnie was sound asleep, stretched out on top of a log while Omar stood in the background. These animals are a popular attraction as they are quite rare to see in zoos.

People come to observe their creamy white fur covered in black stripes, their piercing icy blue eyes and their little pink noses and if your lucky enough you might be able to catch them having a swim in the moat. They are one of a few feline that like swimming.

image image

4 The baboons in the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia

The baboons in the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia Zone has a colony of over ninety baboons sitting in a dry, rocky desert landscape. It’s fascinating to watch the clans engage in their social activities, with the Alpha Males protecting their territory and other monkeys grooming one another.

image image image

5 Wet play area

Here comes the surprise, not an animal in sight but great fun letting the children escape from the stifling heat. The children can play about in the water, shoot giant water guns but the place they have the most fum is waiting under the jumbo water bucket to fill with water before tipping over and pouring down on them.

These are just a few of the highlights of the Singapore zoo. There is so much more for you or for your family to enjoy. Make sure you visit when you come to Singapore.

Have you been to the Singapore Zoo? What did you think were the zoo’s highlights?

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