Verona, The Shakespeare experience

Verona, a pretty city of 250,000 that clings to the names of Romeo and Juliet, set in the city  during the 14th century. Shakespeare to the best of my knowledge never left England but he wove his story on two families that were feuding at the time in Verona, the Capuleti family and the Montecchi family.

Today tourists flock to the city to be swept through the Shakespeare experience that for me comes across as gimmicky and tacky upon entering the courtyard, the walls were covered in graffiti, notes stuck to the wall written by couples vowing their love for one another. According to popular belief this is done so their love will last forever.


In the courtyard looking up at the house, one of the world’s famous balconies comes into view. It’s small, barely big enough for one person, let alone two. There are no trees, bushes or walls that the young Romeo could of scampered up to meet his loved one.


In the courtyard, a bronze statue stands where people line up to rub the right breast of Juliet’s in hope to find true love.  I can see the irony in it now as couples pose while doing this. Is this their discreet way in telling their partner that you really aren’t for me.


Juliet’s house is sparsely decorated. It has a few paintings, some props from the film and some computers, another gimmick where people can send mail to Juliet.


The house they credit to be Juliet’s belonged to the Dal Capello family which they purchased in 1905. Due to the similarity in names they declared the house to be the family residence of the Capuleti family.

Shakespeare wove a story that attracted readers and to Verona’s credit they wove a scene to attract visitors, a new tourist sensation was created.

Have you been to Verona? What did you think of Juliet’s house?

8 thoughts on “Verona, The Shakespeare experience

    1. I can see how people can be swept along with the excitement of Romeo and Juliet but it just isn’t for me I will post a couple more posts about Verona which will show you a different side of the city. I have never been to Salzburg but I think the two cities are very comparable because of Sound of Music, the movie attractions don’t appeal to me either but I also think Salzburg would be beautiful and definitely worth going to. Sylvia the courtyard is free to enter at Juliet’s house so you could still see the tourist commotion. To enter the house it is 6 euro which I wouldn’t recommend unless you really wanted a photo of you standing on the balcony.

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