Visiting the Islamic mosque and museum in Kuala Lumpur

“Humm, Humm, Humm” the sounds could be heard puncturing the air. It must be prayer time at the National Mosque or otherwise known as Masjid Negara I was about to say before I was startled by the rustling sounds from the overgrowth over the footpath, most likely a rat or even worse a snake, so I wasn’t going to stay around to look. As we moved closer the sounds came louder until the pristine white building came into view


National Mosque

I stood and watched as people made their way into the mosque, cars swarmed into the parking lot, women covered their heads with scarves while men wore casual loose fitting clothes. I looked up at the 73 metre high minaret towering over the mosque, the main roof was covered with an aqua blue colour shaped like a 16 pointed star umbrella, reflecting pools and fountains spread throughout the compound. A man dressed like a security guard approached “excuse me sir, would you like to enter the mosque” I’d love too”,I replied “Unfortunately now is prayer time sir, but if you like you can have a look around once its finished”. We thanked the man and crossed the street.


National Mosque

Nearby was the Islamic Arts Museum of Malaysia, an architectural masterpiece, pure white, four domes could be seen from the outside with its fifth only to be seen inside the building. The museum opened in December of 1998 and is home to over 7000 artefacts, the largest islamic art museum in South East Asia.

image image image

Islamic art museum of Malaysia

The elevator doors opened to display a room full of large scale model mosques including the colossal grandeur of the holiest mosque in Islam Mecca’s Masjid al Haram to the desolate beauty of Central Asian mausoleums dedicated to Timur and Amir Albukhari. Every corner of Islam is covered in miniature.







Islamic pieces on display

The other exhibits are equally as impressive from the holiest of Quar’ans, jewelry,textiles , arms and armour to countries like India, China and Malaysia, all nationalities that live in harmony in Malaysia are covered but before you go take one last look at the sheer beauty of this building.

We wandered back over to the mosque that by now had finished prayer in our quest to learn even more about the Muslim world. The men and women have separate prayer rooms, the rooms are bare with carpeted floors and stain glass windows. The pillars beautifully decorated, chandeliers hang from the ceiling.

image image image image

Inside the National Mosque prayer room

The prayer rooms have the capacity to hold 15,000 people. We stood in silence taking this place in no words were needed. We may have a different religion, we may have a different name for our God but one thing whether it be a mosque or a church there is nothing more sacred than a place of prayer

Islamic Art Museum Malaysia

Opening Times 

Monday- Sunday  10am-6pm


Adults RM 12

Students RM 6

Children Under 6 free

National Mosque of Malaysia

The mosque is tour friendly.

Women are required to wear a scarf.

mens proper attire is loose fitting clean clothes.

Shoes must be taken off.

You can not enter during prayer time.

There are volunteers in the prayer room to answer any questions you have.

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