Winston from Starline Tours

Halle Berry's home

Halle Berry’s house

“Yes sir, would you be interested in a tour today?” A tour I thought  to myself “Yes, a tour to the rich and famous houses” the rich and famous hey! “yes, we have a tour that’ll show you where all the stars live.”   

Di Caprio's home

 Leonardo Di Caprio’s house

“See here, we have Di Caprio’s house, his best friend Toby McGuire lives here. This is  Simon Cowell’s massive house. Halle Berry’s just moved back in the neighbourhood, Elton John’s apartment is here, Mathew Perry and Cher live in the same complex”

Is that Michael Jackson’s house?” my son asks pointing to the brochure. “We can’t take you to Neverland but you can see the next best thing, we’ll show you where Michael Jackson died.” “Where he died?” my son gasped. “Yes, where he died. You’ll also see places where films have been made. Have you seen Pretty Woman? You know the famous staircase scene was filmed just here. Do you know the TV drama Entourage that was filmed here and we’ll show you so much more”.

keanu Reaves home

Keanu Reeves house

“Do you like Lindsay Lohan? You’ll see the club that she drank at owned by Cindy Crawford , just before driving off and crashing her car.How about George Michael, you’ll see where he was caught in the act in the Beverly Hills park restroom. I will show you all this and so much more and don’t forget those close ups of the Hollywood sign.”

“Well your probably wondering how much this is going to cost you sir. See $35 for adults and $24 for children but cause I’ve spent so much of your time I’ll give you this one off price. adults for the childs price and $10 off the childs price for your son. “Thanks,  but we might come back later, we just want to have a look around first” I said “Ok, but remember my names Winston, that’s WINSTON from STARLINES tours. I walked a couple of metres up the street, when I hear the familiar lines ” Excuse me sir, How about a tour today?……………………………… simon Cowell's home

Simon Cowell’s house

Have you ever been on a Starline tour? We would love to hear about it, if you have.

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