Petrona Towers, always the center of attention


Red laser beams stretched out the length of the floor, Catherine Zeta Jones dressed in a tight leotard showing her curvaceous body, twists, bends , taunts her body weaving in and out, under and over the beams in preparation to steal something from Petronas Towers.

Entrapment may not have been the most successful or memorable movie ever but I do thank Catherine for introducing me to these remarkable towers.

The Petrona Towers looms over Kuala Lumpur and can be seen throughout the city. The first glimpse of the gleaming spires, draws your attention, seeking you to want to see more, just like a beautiful women that’s drawn your attention, your eyes scan the length of the body wondering what else will be discovered but this time the towers are too distant. We have the urgency to get closer,jumping on the train , we exit at KLCC station that opens up to a sprawling high fashion mall that lies underneath the towers.


Outside at the base of the towers my eyes wandered the height of the 452 metre towers that were once the tallest buildings in the world. Slowly walking around the base, I rubbed my hands along the steel and glass facade designed to resemble motifs found in Islamic art, a reflection on Malaysia’s Muslim religion.

The elevator whipped us up the 82nd floor where we had twenty minutes to observe what lay below, near or far in the horizon, before being taken down to the 41st floor to spend fifteen minutes on the connecting bridge, which offers the same view but on a much smaller scale.



Reaching the top of the Petrona Towers however was kind of like watching the entire Entrapment movie, you had seen the best part when Catherine flexed her body and the best part of Petrona Towers is looking up from outside staring at this majestic building.

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