Waiting time for Petrona Towers


Visiting the Petrona Towers in Kuala Lumpur is definitely a must do but getting to the observation deck is a little time-consuming if you haven’t pre purchased your tickets online. Continue reading “Waiting time for Petrona Towers”

Royal Selangor, the king of pewter

pewter 6

Click, click, click as the hammer hit the punch, each time a letter would be impressed onto the small circular shaped pewter to spell my name. This would be the start of my lesson at the School of Hard Knocks giving us the hands on experience of creating our very own bowl using the same techniques that are still being used today to craft the pewter. Continue reading “Royal Selangor, the king of pewter”

Going to a Japan baseball Game

baseball 239

Baseball may be America’s favourite pastime but since the 1950’s, the Japanese have taken the game to their hearts and it has become a big part of their culture. The Japan Pro Baseball league consists of 12 teams, with two of the most popular teams being Yomiuri Giants from Tokyo and the Hanshin Tigers from Osaka. Their rivalry matching the New York Yankees and the Boston RedSox of the American Major League.

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5 Islands to visit while in Venice


It is hard to believe that Venice was once a deserted swamp land, a strange place to found an empire. Venice though became one of the most beautiful cities in the world, filled with marbled palaces, churches and museums enough to occupy any tourist for a few days. Continue reading “5 Islands to visit while in Venice”

Cruising Venice’s canal

canal 1

For some Venice is like a fairytale, a dream. A city that floats on teal green waters of the grand canal that forms a sweeping S-shape through the central districts of Venice.  Boarding the Vaporetta we made our way to the back of the boat to watch excitedly as it swept through the city,  small waves formed from the boat, lapping against the facades of marbled palaces, a casino and churches as it plighed down the canal. Continue reading “Cruising Venice’s canal”

3 places to eat in Hollywood with children


Sometimes it’s hard to find restaurants to dine at for families. Some restaurants are just unacceptable to dine with children, some children are just difficult when it comes to eating certain food but in America this shouldn’t be a problem, home to family restaurants, home to hamburgers and hotdogs, nearly the home of pizza. Who has met a child who doesn’t like these. Continue reading “3 places to eat in Hollywood with children”

Hollywood for families

j Depp

Hollywood is synonymous with the rich and famous, the king of film and television has gone through a lot since the glitz and glamour of its hey day. You may no  longer be able to see anyone remotely famous except perhaps at a movie premiere, the night of the Academy awards or someone being presented a star on the walk of fame .

That shouldn’t stop you from spending a day with the family in Hollywood. Children and parents as well, will love the kitsch of the city of dreams.

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